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Tel: 408-621-5051
1261 Dell Avenue, Los Gatos Border of Campbell, CA 95008

At Hacianda & Dell, across fom the swan & geese at the percolation pond!

Due to the in-home needs of our clients, ShowRoom Hours are Saturdays 12-5pm and by appointment.  Please call us anytime for scheduling.

Fine Antiques European direct imports Authentic 17th to 20th Century, investment-quality and heirloom worthy Antique Furniture, Décor and Architecture.

Our pieces have gained the attention of Museum Curators, Auction houses, Appraisers, Authors, modern day Woodworkers and many Historians.
You are guaranteed only the best through our Old World network of Honest and Trustworthy Experts.
Each of our antiques comes with a:
•    “Birth certificate” identifying all known details of the history of each piece up to the point of arrival into the United States.
•    “Letter of Record” commencing documentation of the new life each piece will share with its first care taker residing in the US.

We strive to promote public awareness to the GREEN alternative genuine Antique pieces offer and hope to substantially expand public awareness about the realities of owning and preserving Antique Furniture and Art.
Investment vs. Value is minimal when compared to modern made equivalents which have not yet acquired historical identity, NOR the GREEN aspects of natural made toxic free original pieces.
We look to further our awareness goals with continued strong Architect, Designer, Historical Building Owner and the like partnerships.

Affiliations:    Framie Appraisals, Borsbeek Belgium - Francois Van Dijck
        Gammel Sjarm Appraisals, Syvde Norway - Werner Van den Branden
        Nent Appraisals, Lommel Germany - Wim Nent
        Achel Apraisals, Achel Holland - Thomas Van de Vin
        Weseloh Appraisals, Carmel California - Mark Louis Weseloh

Awards/Honors:     "Honored Member" - New York Cambridge Who's Who, 2010
        "Best of the Bay" - Winner KRON TV Channel 4, 2009
        "Best Antique Source in Silicon Valley" - Wave Magazine, 2007, 2008, 2009
        "Carved Goods Worthy of Royalty" - Recognition San Jose Mercury News, 2006

Fairs & Shows:
  SF Art & Antique Show, San Francisco Concourse Center                                                           Calm Antique Show, Santa Barbara
        Hillsborough Antique Show, San Mateo
        Bustamonte Antique Show, Pasadena
        Bustamonte Antique Show, Santa Monica
        Historical Society Antiques & Collectibles Show, Walnut Creek - Sept 2008

        you will find us at the above events regulary

Featured in:  Silicon Valley Home Magazine
        Gentry Magazine
        Home Digest Magazine
        San Jose Magazine
        WAVE Magazine, Reader's Choice
Charity/Volunteer Work:    Doctors Without Borders;  Children International;  Green Peace

Expertise:  Historical Identification and Appraisal, Designing, Decorating and Staging.

We offer excellent and reliable reupholstering, refinishing, or custom alteration options for your existing pieces.  Exceptional design resources and references available upon request.

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Company Info

Fine Antiques European direct imports unique, one-of-a-kind, investment-quality antiques from the Finest Estates in Europe.  Through an elite and reputable network of old world European antique collectors, we treasure hunt for all sorts of valuables.  Each piece is carefully hand selected with a discerning eye towards authenticity, design and craftsmanship.

We work side-by-side with trustworthy European sources who have many years of experience acquiring distinctive unique antiques and accessories. These extremely reputable direct connections have such expertise with a strong networking history, that we are competitively able to gain access to the highest quality pieces from the Finest Estates in Europe.

Fine Antiques European provides a broad range of stylish and tasteful pieces. Discover antiques that illuminate periods and styles from the extravagant Louie XVI to the symmetrical precision of Napoleon's French Empire. Or perhaps the grandeur of lavish carvings from the Italian Baroque to the rich fine inlaid woods of a classically elegant German or Austrian Biedermeier!

Most people say 'someday', -but they're waiting for the 'right time'... Then one day they realize they are older and should have enjoyed the finer things in life.  We should feel the same way at home as in a fancy hotel or dining out.  Enjoying everyday, our environment and our surroundings.  Investing in quality pieces, historic furniture art gently kissed by time, enhances our environment and lifestyle every day. Carpe Diem!

Fine Antiques European takes great pride in providing first class service, quality furniture and décor. We enjoy what we do and are constantly striving for excellence. We believe that as people become aware of the uniqueness and quality of our furniture, and as we continue to acquire our customers overwhelming approval of our choice products, Fine Antiques European will be a dynamic leader in an exclusive industry.


As we were asked to tell the story of how Fine Antiques European began, I realize we've followed our hearts straight into history... - but not without a very practical mindset! Little did I know as we set out on a two month journey through France, Holland and back to Norway many years ago, that I would recognize life suddenly coming together like a perfectly choreographed puzzle prearranged by higher powers!

As the first American born Norwegian in our family, a love for European culture deep seeded from childhood travels abroad has kept us returning time and again. With a deep desire to practice and share with my husband and children Tiana , Shane and Kyle (14,12,and 5), I would study in detail the background, culture and history of each European place we visit.  I love it so much, they’ve begun to say, “Don’t ask her!”

As a contractor’s wife in Saratoga, I worked in property management, home remodeling, designing and staging.  For 15 years, I’d been skipping around the latest designer homes and furniture stores ooohing and aaahing over fine furniture, getting ideas and checking and comparing prices.  I would spend all day decorating, -studying furniture, quality, arrangements and color...  I’d upgrade a room with existing pieces by introducing new ones.  Each room like a blank canvas, with each piece and color coordinated to fit beautifully together.  I would tell my mother (a very accomplished painter in her own right) “When it’s done, -it is a work of art!”

So it was CARPE DIEM (seize the day!) when during a Norwegian adventure, I serendipitously met Werner, a kindly and honest man, who would introduce me to an elite and reputable network of old world European antique collectors.  As soon as I saw the quality of my Norwegian friend’s inventory, I was hooked!  If I could bring this exclusive and fine furniture to Saratoga, I knew designers, contractors, hotels, clients and connoisseurs would just love it!  These are absolutely Objects d’Art!  With a lot of questions from me, Werner was very patient as he explained about each beautiful piece in detail.  It happened to be that he was married to a childhood friend of my cousin.  I knew I was looking at a true treasure chest!  As I expressed my interest in bringing such beautiful historic furniture art to back to the U.S., well, the rest is history!

European friends and family have allowed us to enter into an arena that is often times quite difficult.  In addition to locating these authentic and valuable pieces, one must also find trustworthy help for moving, packing and shipping.  These partnerships are crucial, in particularly, informal partnerships with central European contacts my friend in Norway has been working with for years.

We take great pride in providing first class service, and quality furniture and décor.  We enjoy what we do and are constantly striving for excellence.  We believe that as people become aware of the uniqueness and quality of our furniture, and as we continue to acquire our customers overwhelming approval of our choice products, Fine Antiques European will be a dynamic leader in an exclusive industry.

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